Unique | Re-design | Re-new | Combine


We love to create one-of-a-kind treasures. And because we understand that jewelry is a unique reflection of the person wearing it, we utilize hand-carved wax, fabrication, or CAD services to make it just right. We’ll take you through our step-by-step process to make sure your dream piece becomes a reality.

There are few gifts more personalized, sentimental and unique than custom jewelry. Not only are they beautiful and truly one-of-a-kind, they represent unparalleled forethought and craftsmanship. Plus, custom jewelry is a lovely, timeless way to say how you feel about someone you hold dear.

What To Expect

very custom-crafted piece begins with an idea — maybe someone wants to use the stones from their grandmother’s wedding ring to create a new brooch, or to set a family heirloom diamond into a fresh, new setting. Having a piece custom-created is going to take a little longer and cost a bit more than shopping directly from the case. But the exciting news is that there really aren’t many rules when it comes to dreaming up your special piece.

We hope you’ll consider Solid Rock Jewelers for your next (or first) custom-designed piece of jewelry. The process is truly remarkable and we promise “to exceed your expectations.”

The Process



Book a meeting to share your engagement ring ideas, timeline and budget.


Your new custom designed jewelry begins with an idea, a concept, a picture or drawing of something you like, or something you thought up yourself.


Based on your concept, we put together a detailed quotation of what it will cost to create your original jewelry design. This will include stone sizes, weights and specific details about materials to be used.

Approval | Payment

Once we receive your approval on the custom design quote and receive payment in full, we take your concept and put your project into production. We offer financing.

CAD Rendring

Using your initial concept, we create a 3-dimensional CAD model rendering showing, in detail, what your final creation will look like.

Design Approval

At this stage, we can make modifications and adjustments to the design based on any feedback from your review of the CAD model rendering. Once you sign off on the design, we start production.

Model | Final Preparations

A wax model will be created of your ring based on the CAD model rendering. Next, our skilled craftsmen cast and finish your custom piece exacting standards.


Your custom jewelry is finished and ready for pick up. Time to celebrate!