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Expressions by Mikhail

Russian Jewelry Designer Projects the Eternal Beauty of Nature and Art

Mikhail Alexander Epelman, a Russian immigrant, was born and raised in St. Petersburg surrounded by the astounding beauty of the city’s 18th and 19th-century architecture. Due to the change in political climate, he defected and made his way to America in 1979. Upon arrival, Mikhail continued his studies but also became more involved in sculpting. He bought loose gemstones and began creating forms out of wax. Instantly, a newfound love took hold, and in 1982, ‘Expressions by Mikhail’ was born. In 1986, he opened his first gallery in metropolitan Detroit.

Mikhail’s line of intricately designed wedding rings is especially popular. These stunning creations are handmade with brilliant hand-selected conflict free diamonds. Like Mikhail’s rings, every couple is a unique combination of individuality that comes together in perfect unison. Expressions by Mikhail are reflective of a couple’s distinct nature. As an award winning designer, Mikhail’s dynamic jewelry is found only in the finest jewelry stores throughout the United States and abroad.

HL Cover

HL Manufacturing

HL Began in 1976 with a vision to manufacture fine jewelry of the highest standards. Our family has carried on that tradition and built a reputation for design and service. All of our collections are manufactured in the United States and overtime, our extended family has grown to include the jewelers we serve… because in the end that is where our success lies.

Proudly made in the USA

At a time when it seemed as if all manufacturing was moving overseas, we kept everything right here in Michigan. We believe “Made in the United States of America” still means something. We think the best approach is to do everything we can to continue manufacturing HL jewelry here in America. This assures us that our products are manufactured under fair labor conditions in a safe and healthy working environment where the rights and dignity of workers are respected.


A fascination with the idea that a well-made piece of jewelry may one day become an heirloom inspired Kir Boedecker to design her first piece of jewelry nearly twenty years ago. Sterling silver and 18 karat gold designs adorned with semi-precious stones and pearls are the backbone of the KIR collection. References to exotic cultures, detailed textures, unusual finishes and the finest craftsmanship combine to create a striking and versatile collection. Kirsten’s multi-faceted passions – travel, nature, and music – fuse together to evoke an element of playfulness and adventure for the wearer. KIR invites women to express their personal styles and embrace life’s contradictions.

KIR is still privately owned by its’ two founders, operating with an all woman team. Design, development, stone sourcing, raw material planning and quality control are overseen by the KIR executive office in scenic Boulder, Colorado.

KIRs dedication is to the best in design, integrity and customer service applying this to all aspects of the company; from the way the jewelry looks and feels to the conduct of business relationships.

Quality Gold

Quality Gold

Quality Gold actively serves more than 30,000 retailers across the United States, its territories and Canada. We offer over 160,000 unique and 100,000 special order jewelry and gift products.

Quality Gold serves more than 30,000 retailers across the United States, its territories, and Canada. We offer more than 260,000 jewelry and gift products.



Matt Stuller founded Stuller, Inc. in 1970. From our manufacturing and administrative headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana, we provide next-day delivery of more than 200,000 different items to over 40,000 jewelry professionals worldwide.
We own five operations — three in North America, one in Bangkok, Thailand, and one in Barcelona, Spain. Through these, we provide a complete range of products and services for jewelry professionals including design technology and comprehensive CAD/CAM Services that meet each jeweler’s need for customization. Stuller’s core product categories include: bridal jewelry, mountings, jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, findings, metals, tools, supplies, and digital solutions.

TRJ Concepts

TR Jewelry Concepts is a Rapid City, SD based manufacturer and wholesaler of premium jewelry brands such as Simply Diamonds, Landstrom’s Original Black Hills Gold, Silver Elegance, The Frontier Collection, and R Designs. Our premium Black Hills Gold brands and Elk Ivory jewelry are proudly made in America, on-site at our factory in Rapid City, South Dakota, with gold sourced from home right here in the Black Hills!
TR Jewelry Concepts excels in supplying retailers across the USA with key jewelry categories such as quality classic diamond pieces, sterling silver fashion designs, unique Black Hills Gold, alternative metals for men, Elk Ivory and Gold Dipped roses.