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Precious Metal Dealer

Solid Rock Jewelers is licensed as a Precious Metal Dealer.

We are serving the community as a precious metal dealer and fully comply with all relative state laws.

If you are interested in selling silver, platinum, gold and palladium we can offer you some of the best prices in the area within a safe and comfortable atmosphere. Our knowledgeable staff is specially trained to answer all your questions.

With many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the jewelry industry the Solid Rock Jewelers team will guide you as to what items might be worth restoring, what you should sell, and what could be redesigned into something new.

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More Than Just Jewelry

We take more than just jewelry, you can turn your old, broken and unwanted items into cash.

We will buy your precious metal coins, flatware, candle stands, tea sets and other items.
We will evaluate the items you bring in while you watch and tell you the value of what you have.

If you decide to sell, we will write you a check on the spot. We pay the absolute highest prices and have an unmatched reputation for honesty and integrity.

The Process



No appointment necessary yet it is preferred.


Items are separated into their relative purity categories (Silver, Platinum, 10k, 14k, etc.).


All your items are weighed and priced in front of you.


Quotes are non-binding, meaning it’s your choice if you would like to sell your items.

State ID

A valid State ID is required by the state of Michigan, and the seller must be over the age of 18.


Immediate payment is issued. Limits are set on cash distributions for security purposes.