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The Solid Rock Jewelers Team

Our Story

We all have a story, ours is told through jewelry and grace.  Inspired by Felicia Haggerty’s love for jewelry and passion to become the best customer friendly and service orientated Jeweler in the area, Solid Rock Jewelers is on a mission to redefine exceptional service.

Felicia Haggerty

I have been passionate about jewelry since I was nineteen, I still wake up every day excited to meet new people and sell jewelry. With having over 20 years of knowledge from working with big name jewelers,and independents I decided to bring all the experiences together in one place we call “Solid Rock Jewelers”!!

With the desire burning in my soul to start such a place I knew it would have to be a God sent plan. I knew unless the Lord brings it all together I would labor in vain (Psalm 127:1) and sure enough He begun to bring the pieces and people together. Inspired by God’s faithfulness in my life was born the name Solid Rock Jewelers.

The deep relationships that have been forged over the years with hundreds of family, friends, and customers celebrating and supporting me in milestones in my life I knew they would be there for me. Sure enough they were there for me, even vendors were willing to support my vision to establish Solid Rock Jewelers.

Once the ball got rolling everyone was so awesome in making this vision a reality. It’s hard to say that Solid Rock Jewelers is a privately owned company when it belongs to the hearts, effort, prayers and labor of so many.  My story is told on the backs and prayers of faithful customers (more like friends) my family and God.

I love it when those that have been a part of making this dream come true walk through the door. It brings a smile to my face and joy in my heart. This is only the beginning of greater things to come!


What behind a name? There are certain brand names that you trust without even thinking about, then there are some that you have to look up the rating to see if a particular product from that name brand is any good. In the jewelry world it is who you know and trust that makes one comfortable to shop and buy from a certain Jeweler and Designer.

What is behind the name Solid Rock Jewelers? Inspired by God’s love for me and those that would are loyal staff and customers was born the name Solid Rock Jewelers. The Rock in which we stand is more than just physical. We believe in the power of relationships, the importance of integrity and the God given beauty that is in each of us.

We have know Felicia for a long time ! We are very proud of her, for the opening of her beautiful Solid Rock Jewelers ! I took my mom over there to see the store ! She thought it was beautiful! Bob was telling her that if she came by or knew some that wanted to make some money on old coins and money to bring it in ! She said I have some here in my purse ! Bob said I will see what I can do with them ! She was great full to get them out of her purse and but money back in her purse ! Everyone at Solid Rock Jewelry was very nice and Bob took great care of my mom !

Laurie Rahn

Super Customer

Something for everyone!  What a wonderful experience to shop at Solid Rock Jewelers!  Customer service is #1—friendly, helpful, very knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile to help their customers. All kinds of jewelry to fit your need or occasion with a range of prices to match. It’s a comfortable store to walk into and you never feel rushed or pressured to buy.  I love the jewelry I’ve purchased and wear it all the time.  Stop by and see for yourself!

Marilyn L. Gordon

President at Mediatude LLC

We’ve known Felicia and her family for years. Solid Rock Jewelers is simply an extension of her heart and one of her many gifts. As a friend and customer, I can say Solid Rock Jewelers cares more! They always take the time to  talk with us, understand our hearts, and then comes up with the perfect piece….every time.

Don Lupo

General Manager at ProtoDesign

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